Smoothies are hands-down the number 1 breakfast to start your day. Having liquid upon waking re-hydrates the body and floods the body with nutrients. Its also easy on digestion, saving energy that you will need for the day. Check out these smoothies that are hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive guts...


The original and the best. This is always my fallback smoothie that I have almost  every day. Blueberries are low glycemic so keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day and also packed full of antioxidants which are fight inflammation and disease in the body. 


This glowing skin smoothie is full of vitamins and minerals. It’s also light, healthy, colorful and tastes like heaven. Raspberries come with a very high content of antioxidants. It is a well-known fact that antioxidants make your skin age slowly. Red raspberries contain anthocyanins, the nutrients which are extremely essential for maintaining a youthful skin and a beautiful complexion


This is one of our community favorites for those still looking to burn body fat while
enjoying the AM caffeine buzz! However, if you’re looking to decrease your caffeine consumption you can also use decaffeinated coffee (water-processed) instead. This recipe is an amazing alternative to the classic frappuccino. 


This exact smoothie is my go-to recipe for mid-afternoons where I want something
sweet - especially if I just finished an an afternoon workout. It tastes exactly like a Pina Colada but so much healthier!


This essential comfort foods taste just like mashed potato but it lighter on digestion. It is the perfect side to almost any dish with added coconut cream for texture. 

Walnut Bloob smoothie.jpg

Just like the name suggest this is a full meal in itself and can be used as a lunch or dinner replacement. Its packed full of protein, healthy carbs and heaps of anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats that will fill you up and  keep your body feeling energised and alive at the same time!


This is a good winter warmer. The addition of ginger gives this smoothie a warm kick and also a digestive body. The combination of sweet and spicy is energising even through the winter months.  


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