What's your Hormonal Body Type?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

We've All Got a Type...

Hey, I"m talking about hormonal body types...

We all store fat, emotions and toxins in different places. Generally, women store fat around the hips and breasts thanks to estrogen, but what happens if you have too much or too little? Or are you just right?

Your body will definitely let you know when your hormones are just right, or way off balance.

Knowing this simple information can help align you with your health goals as well as your physical, hormonal and even emotional needs.


Which Hormonal Body Type Are You?

1. Estrogen Body

Are you empowered or driven erratic by your estrogen levels?

Estrogen is what makes us biologically female. It's what shapes our curves, plumps our breasts, makes us sharp, witty and sexy. It's the hallmark of our fertility. As an added bonus, it helps keep disease causing inflammation at bay.

But, too much of a good thing ain't good, right?

Estrogen dominance, too much estrogen, is at an all time high. Women are plagued with estrogen dominant conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, PCOS, PMS and thyroid imbalances.

Much of the excess comes from external environmental factors, check out my blog post on estrogen dominance for more on that.

When too much estrogen goes in and not enough comes out, it tends to get stored in the hips, thighs and butt. Too much estrogen can limit the production of progesterone, which leads to those oh so familiar symptoms of PMS, acne, irritability, irregular periods, etc.

During certain times of the month, too much estrogen can also lead to bloating because of intestinal backup, poor enzyme production and a congested liver.

​If your estrogen levels don't strike a balance and level out, severe hormonal imbalances will only get worse.

2. Cortisol Body

Most of us live here in cortisol land!

Stress comes in different forms: traffic, children, deadlines, love drama, and even too much exercise. Yes, you read that right, over exercising can give you a belly fat. WTF.

If you're anything like me- stressed, overachieving and busy, I depend on a good dose of endorphins via my workouts to relieve tension.

But the paunch on my belly is always the last place fat leaves.

As you probably know by now I'm guilty of pushing myself too hard, overexercising and skipping meals.

My body is always giving me cues that I needed to slow down and restore. Seeya period!

High amounts of cortisol, the stress hormone, over long periods of time is not sustainable. And this happens to everybody. There's just too much stress and drama to deal with.

But when cortisol is high, insulin (blood sugar) is high. They are co-dependent hormones, and both promote the storage of fat in the belly. It's a survival thing from back in the day.....

Fortunately, you can combat high cortisol. modify your schedule or workout appropriately during appropriate stages throughout the month.

Because... We can't go hard and finish strong everyday of the month, we're just not designed for that!

3. Insulin Body

Do you skip meals, get hangry, love quick carbs and sugar, struggle with PCOS or have noticed some love handles?

All of these are signs of blood sugar imbalances.

Although much emphasis gets placed on estrogen when discussing hormonal imbalances, insulin is a major player that needs first hand attention.

Now, if you've tried Paleo or Keto diets, with less than stellar, sustainable results, it's mostly because animal protein actually increases insulin levels higher than table sugar!

Yup! Too much blood sugar is not just about eating those evil processed carbs.

I know, you've probably been told to eat a high protein and fat diet to balance insulin levels....

But.... Results of the Insulin Index of Food Study, revealed meat raised insulin levels higher than an apple, a cup of oatmeal, and even two cups of white pasta.

The good news is that balancing insulin can occur in as little as 3 weeks.

Imagine how your body and wardrobe would transform in just 3 weeks....

Aren't you excited just thinking about fitting into those cute skinny jeans, or that tight date night dress without the spanx?

4. Testosterone Body

Do you notice fat stored in your upper arms, low sex drive or fatigue?

If so, it could be a sign of low testosterone.

While men have more testosterone, women have necessary amounts of testosterone to maintain fertility as well as muscle mass and fat distribution.

Low testosterone levels also reveal how well your adrenal glands and ovaries are functioning, since those two glands produce testosterone!

And while High Intensity Interval Training and Bootcamp are all the rage (if you're an athlete), it's not for the fatigued and drained.

Strength training and weight bearing exercises are a great way to increase lean muscle and testosterone levels, but easy does it.

With low testosterone, you're already using your adrenal reserves. Include yoga, pilates and booty barre classes into your regime, they're not easy, but provide tons of benefits to reset your hormones while giving your body some nice shape. Omega 3 rich foods or supplements are a great addition if this is you too.

5. Thyroid Body

A Thyroid Body Type tends to have dry skin and hair, hair that breaks easily and you go grey earlier than others, generally around forty years old or before.

Your excess weight tends to accumulate around the middle of the body.

You tend to gain weight on the stomach, lower abdomen, soft low fat around the middle, a spare tire, curves and rolls of flesh, gaining weight on the hips and upper thighs. You don’t tend to gain in the face arms or legs. You have small facial features and a thin neck. You perspire very little. The lower back is straight, the buttocks round but not pronounced. Women do not get cellulite.

Thyroid dysfunction can be caused by high stress levels, heavy metal toxicity and deficiencies in iodine and selenium.

You can read more about Thyroid issues in a previous blog post here.

So What's Your Type?

When it all comes down to it, the female body comes in different shapes and forms. Luckily, our bodies send us messages to check in and confirm how were doing.

Now, if your quality of life is suffering, constantly in pain or are morphing into a shape that doesn't make you feel like a sexy badass, the good news is: You can fix it.

With the right guidance and strategy in place you can overcome pain and symptoms and reshape the curves of your body as you realign the balance of hormonal power in as little as 3 weeks.

Think about it.

How much more time do you want to spend hiding behind bulky clothes and spanx while your hormones rage and squash your potential?

To help you get started, I've created my 12 week program, where I guide you through an eye-opening experience taking control of your hormones so that you can get the body you want. There also the option to test for these hormones to stop guessing where you're at and implement an action plan that works for your individual body.

After working with women battling hormonal challenges, if I know one thing, it’s this:

Synthetic Hormones are NOT the Answer!

It Starts With What You Eat!

I've opened up my calendar to speak to you personally so that you can move forward towards the body you want.

I'm excited to talk to each and everyone of you!

Sending love and healthy vibes




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