The #1 Question your Doctor should be asking...

Food is medicine.

There’s no denying it, but with so much “fluff” and hype in the media, it can be hard to navigate nutrition.

In fact, most doctors don’t even know the basics of nutrition. The conventional medical education makes very little space for doctors to learn the most fundamental foundation of health.

And even scarier, most doctors don’t even know how to cook!

Why is this a problem?

If the person who is guiding you in your health doesn’t understand the very foundation of amazing health or how to leverage food as medicine, then there is little hope of being offered anything more than a pharmaceutical.

Big problem!

Food can contribute to mood disorders, increased inflammation, fatigue, digestive upset and even autoimmune disease. I’m talking depression, anxiety, fatigue, infertility, heavy periods, IBS, joint pain and more!

But food can also heal your mood, your hormones, your gut...your whole body!

If your doctor isn’t asking you about what you're eating then it’s time to find someone who will.

Your life is far too valuable to be plagued by symptoms that can easily be corrected through diet.

So, where to start?

Download my Healthy Shopping List.

Choose 1 food group per week to make changes in. For example, read the vegetable section and spend the next week incorporating more vegetables into your day.Consider working with a qualified health coach (pick me!).

Sometimes we need a little more individualised guidance to meet our body’s needs, which is where a qualified health coach can make all the difference!

There are not a lot of doctors who are willing to work with a nutritionist or health coach, let alone refer or employ one. They simply do not understand the power quality nutrition has and how vital it is to reverse chronic conditions.

Where to Find Reliable Nutrition Help (From Someone Who Knows Chronic Illness)

I have trained extensively in educating and empowering clients with a Food Is Medicine mindset. My passion is helping women with hormonal imbalances, anxiety, depression and other mood symptoms to optimise their mindset with delicious and nourishing meals.

My 12 week program is the best place to kick off your journey to long lasting health and get to the root cause of your symptoms through functional medicine lab testing.

Sending love and healthy vibes




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